We Have No Hidden Agenda, We Just Want To Help Find Your Unclaimed Money

We Have No Hidden Agenda, We Just Want To Help Find Your Unclaimed Money

We want to find unclaimed money

The Monimine business has not been engineered as a scam. It was not designed to resemble the hard sell of a mis-sold PPI policy. Nor was it intended to remind people of a tedious television advert. Much like the overseas relative who has promised a small fortune in return for your bank details. Monimine is the product which will reunite you with any unclaimed money that lawfully belongs to you for FREE.

Monimine is 100% financially free to the consumer. Our financial backing comes from banks, building societies, life and pension companies, asset managers and others (collectively the Financial Services Industry ‘FSI’). We also give you our word that no data will be sold to an external party.

Our 21st century asset reunification technology will provide you with the greatest chance of being united with any gone away accounts that belong to you.

We also want to make you aware that all cases will be treated the same, no matter how big or small the sum owed is. Monimine are a trusted brand, and our current users already share the confidence in our mission to connect people with unclaimed money.

You can even withdraw from the service at any point, for no cost, if you choose to.

Our ultimate end goal is to completely solve the global issue of dormant accounts and reunite any unclaimed money with the people it rightfully belongs to. We understand that this will not happen overnight, but you can help to make a difference. By registering your details for free with Monimine, your information could be the missing link between matching a third party with their unclaimed asset. More to the point, it could connect YOU with your lost funds.

Start your search today at www.monimine.com

Josh Cousens – Monimine.

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