Unclaimed Money: What do you have in common with Beyoncé & Robert De Niro?

Unclaimed Money: What do you have in common with Beyoncé & Robert De Niro?

celebs with unclaimed money

I’m willing to bet that you never thought you had much in common with Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, or Denzel Washington? They are just a few of the A-list celebrities who have been uncovered as having unclaimed money. The New York Post explained that, even way back in 1999, an expected $700,000 in lost assets were owed to a long list of the rich and the famous. 

The reasons for their money going missing are exactly the same. The assets have been lost through insurance pay-outs, dividends, uncashed cheques, abandoned bank accounts and unknown inheritances. If a Hollywood superstar can lose track of their finances, so can you. It proves how easy it can be for money to sneak through the gaps, become side-lined and forgotten about.

Although we may not be in line for a windfall the same size as some of these superstars. There is every chance that you might have a pot of money owed to you. In many cases, the rightful beneficiary doesn’t have a clue about the funds that are owed to them.

The United States unclaimed money issue is equally as ambiguous to the UK’s. CNBC states that there is more than $40 billion of lost assets across the pond. The problem needs to be addressed – lost money is being left hidden in the deep crevices of financial accounts, and staying there.

Would it not be perfect, if you could enter your details into the computer and be told if you’re entitled to any unclaimed funds? And wouldn’t it be even better, if you didn’t have to pay to find out?

If you would like to determine whether you could be sitting on a pile of unclaimed cash, visit monimine.com. Using unique, digital software, we are able to cross check your details with the leading financial institutions. If a match is found, we can reconnect you with any unclaimed money that is rightfully yours. What’s more is that we won’t charge you a penny.

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