Meet the team | Andy Davies

Meet The Team | Andy Davies

Business Development & Accounts Handling 

Andy established proficiency and gained invaluable experience in business development during previous roles. His capacity to develop relationships and forge networks has ensured that Monimine is at the forefront for industry decision makers.

Andy has played a key role in the business evolution and will go above and beyond to ensure the Monimine mission of reuniting the public with their lost assets is achieved.

Outside of the office, he’s handy with the guitar and is occasionally labelled as the “poor mans Ed Sheeran.” Andy is a keen rugby player for Wymondham RFC and a huge fan of the great outdoors. He’s been known to go climbing, shooting, canoeing and cycling. But if you manage to catch him indoors, chances are he’ll be relaxing with a “brew” and watching David Attenborough.

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£90 million from dormant accounts to be used to tackle racial inequality

£90 million from dormant accounts to be used to tackle racial inequality

Theresa May has pledged to use £90 million from dormant accounts, to help deal with racial inequality. The unclaimed funds will be sourced from accounts which have been inactive for at least 15 years. The cash will put towards the inequalities in youth unemployment and helping underprivileged young people gain jobs.

dormant accounts to help racial inequality

The action has been taken after the Race Disparity Audit was released in October 2017. The study revealed that 16 to 24 years-olds from ethnic minority groups, were twice as likely to be unemployed as their white peers.

Theresa May said, “youth unemployment blights communities and wastes talent and potential – and too many young people from deprived and ethnic minority backgrounds face barriers preventing them from entering the world of work.”

The added funding will present opportunities for young people to work with educators and youth and community organisations.  The organisations will be able to assess their skills and explain the best ways that they can help their local communities and businesses.

The government first announced their plans to use the assets from dormant accounts in January 2018. It was reported that £135 million from dormant accounts would be used to combat homelessness. This was also when we initially heard of the plans to use dormant assets to help disadvantaged young people into employment.

Why a backlash?

A social media reaction has focused on the negative viewpoint of using assets from individuals bank accounts – despite being dormant. One user on Twitter explained that,

“it’s their money, you can’t just take it,”

whilst another said that the whole thing was,

“blatant theft.”

The government are only able to utilise assets that have been untouched for at least 15 years. Whilst the relevant financial institutions will have made a considerable effort to have traced the owner. Due to a change of address, or adopting a new name, some people manage to slip through the net and are never traced.

But there is good news in the legislation of the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008. If any owner of assets comes forward and can prove the money is theirs, they can be reunited with their cash. Even if it has already been paid out for charitable purposes. The Reclaim Fund is regulated to maintain a reserve limit, in the case of owners coming forward.

Where we come in

If you would like to determine if you have any unclaimed money from a dormant account owed to you, head to Using our nationally recognised tracing expertise, we can help you unearth any hidden assets, for FREE.

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Top-up your New Year finances with unclaimed money

Top-up your New Year finances with unclaimed money

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are not cheap. Parties, presents and 2017’s hangover will undoubtedly be weighty on your finances. I’m willing to guess that any ways of boosting your bank account will sound very appealing. Particularly if you don’t have to pay a penny. We have a solution – unclaimed money.

New Year unclaimed money

A quote taken from Helen Coulson in the Financial Times revealed that, “we seem to be talking about some billions, if not trillions, of pounds [of unclaimed assets] across the industry, but nobody really knows what the size of the problem is.”

This gigantic sum of unclaimed money has been lost in the financial system. This occurs when one of the financial service industry loses contact with their customers. If they cannot communicate with their clients, any cash within that particular financial account becomes trapped.

Are you thinking this could have never happened to you? It is a lot more common than you think. The predictions of £billions/£trillions of unclaimed money demonstrates that there has to be more than a few people who have lost money.

Something simple, such as moving house or changing surname can be the catalyst for lost funds. If you forget to notify your bank account or pension provider of your new address or name, and they subsequently lose the ability to contact you, cash can easily go missing.

The Solution.

Throughout the UK, we predict millions of unclaimed money pots are waiting to be claimed. Some may contain modest quantities, but some could enclose a fortune. Monimine’s website allows you to search for any lost assets, for FREE.  If your records match with the data of unclaimed funds from a financial institution, you will be united with the cash that is rightfully yours.

So what do you have to lose?

Start your search today, boost your New Year finances and discover your unclaimed money treasure.

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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Expats Down Under face losing unclaimed money.

Expats Down Under face losing unclaimed money.

expats down under losing unclaimed money

Australia and the land down under is the most popular setting for British emigration. Figures taken from the Telegraph reinforce Australia’s prominence, with an estimated 1.2 million British expats currently living in Oz.

Australia’s laid back lifestyle, earning potential, distinctive landscape and cultural diversity has been attracting Brits for decades. The great climate adds to the appeal, but is it all too good to be true?

Millions of UK expats have packed their bags and made a new life by boarding the plane to Australia. But unknowingly to them, they could be sitting on a pot of their own unclaimed money back in Britain.

Another report from the Telegraph noted that expat pensioners are missing out on at least £850 million in unclaimed pensions benefits. The amounts owed in benefits, range from £2,000 to £30,000 a year. With tax-free lump sums worth between £50 and £40,000 also outstanding.

Unless these individuals are given a helping hand, it will be difficult for them to retrace their lost assets.

Why is it such a problem?

An array of financial problems can arise when people emigrate. If you have not duly notified the correct institutions about your decision to move overseas, it can cause complications.

Amongst all the chaos of packing up your lives to move across the world, it can be forgivable to forget to inform your bank, pension provider, or building society about the new address. However, failure to do so will make the financial institutions lives extremely difficult, when they try to contact you about the money you still have in that account.

Your financial providers will attempt to contact you if your account has a period of inactivity. If the letter of correspondence is sent to your previous UK address, you may never receive any notification. If the account is inactive for a set period of time, (usually minimum three years) it will become dormant and any assets held within will become unclaimed.

The costs for institutions to trace their clients overseas are expensive, and unless you make yourself known, your money will become trapped.

Luckily there is a solution. 

Monimine are leading experts in tracing unclaimed money. Using a revolutionary tool, Monimine allows the public to search for lost assets, whether they know they have them or not, for FREE. If the data you enter matches with the information we have acquired from financial institutions, we can reunite you with your cash ….. for FREE.

To save you the headache and stress of contacting each of your financial providers individually, Monimine offers a blanket solution which will search an array of institutions. Even if you’re sure that you left no pennies behind, the service is free. And wouldn’t it be worth double checking?

No costs, big rewards ….. what’s to lose?

Search today at 

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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Unclaimed Money: What do you have in common with Beyoncé & Robert De Niro?

Unclaimed Money: What do you have in common with Beyoncé & Robert De Niro?

celebs with unclaimed money

I’m willing to bet that you never thought you had much in common with Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, or Denzel Washington? They are just a few of the A-list celebrities who have been uncovered as having unclaimed money. The New York Post explained that, even way back in 1999, an expected $700,000 in lost assets were owed to a long list of the rich and the famous. 

The reasons for their money going missing are exactly the same. The assets have been lost through insurance pay-outs, dividends, uncashed cheques, abandoned bank accounts and unknown inheritances. If a Hollywood superstar can lose track of their finances, so can you. It proves how easy it can be for money to sneak through the gaps, become side-lined and forgotten about.

Although we may not be in line for a windfall the same size as some of these superstars. There is every chance that you might have a pot of money owed to you. In many cases, the rightful beneficiary doesn’t have a clue about the funds that are owed to them.

The United States unclaimed money issue is equally as ambiguous to the UK’s. CNBC states that there is more than $40 billion of lost assets across the pond. The problem needs to be addressed – lost money is being left hidden in the deep crevices of financial accounts, and staying there.

Would it not be perfect, if you could enter your details into the computer and be told if you’re entitled to any unclaimed funds? And wouldn’t it be even better, if you didn’t have to pay to find out?

If you would like to determine whether you could be sitting on a pile of unclaimed cash, visit Using unique, digital software, we are able to cross check your details with the leading financial institutions. If a match is found, we can reconnect you with any unclaimed money that is rightfully yours. What’s more is that we won’t charge you a penny.

Start your search today – 

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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Have you lost unclaimed funds through your pension pot?

Have you lost unclaimed funds through your pension pot?

unclaimed funds in a pension pot

Retirement traditionally marks the end of employment, and it should be the time to take a load off, without stress. After 40 years at work, the last thing you want to be worried about is unclaimed funds in your pension pot. But almost 5.5 million pension records are waiting to be claimed!

At an estimated £400 million in unclaimed pensions savings, it accounts for one the largest contributors of lost assets.  

So why is this cash going missing?

The most common problem is when an individual is unable to inform their pension provider of their new address. If the provider is unable to contact the policy holder via their address, money can quickly slip through the cracks and become forgotten about. The financial institution will then class these customers as missing, or ‘gone away.’

Many people struggle adjusting to a lower income after work, so it’s vital to safeguard your pensions. If you’re not enjoying your full pension benefits, you may be forced into an arduous retirement, rather than a comfortable one.

Statistics published by Equiniti revealed that the average person will have at least six jobs in their lifetime. When an individual leaves one job for another, it can be easy to forget to notify your pension provider of your new company. Many people even take out a new pension and completely forget about the old one. If the provider is unable to contact you and you have forgotten about them, it is very simple for owed money to become trapped and left unclaimed.

Things became more complicated when companies began to move their pensions over to financial institutions, opposed to storing them in-house. The combination of businesses and financial companies make it a much more complex process to get your money back.

Although unlikely, your company may not have even told you that you were paying into a company pension scheme!

Our advice would be to ensure that you’re on top of all your pension policies, guaranteeing that they have all your relevant contact details and employment histories.

However … not enough is being done by pension providers to track individuals with outstanding policies.

If you think that you might have a sum of outstanding money owed to you through a pension scheme. Monimine allow you to search for unclaimed assets for FREE. Simply enter your details into the registration, and if your information matches with the data we have collated from UK financial institutions, we can help you to reconnect with your money.

Josh Cousens – Monimine

Why British Expats Should Look For Unclaimed Money

Why British Expats Should Look For Unclaimed Money

Why British expats should look for unclaimed money

Are you one of the 5.5 million Brits who has decided to live out your days abroad? British expats account for almost one in 10 of the UK population. Although Australia, Spain and the United States are amongst the most popular, Brits can be found residing throughout the whole world. The far-spread reach of UK citizens means it can be extremely difficult for institutions to contact individuals regarding unclaimed money.

When a person or family decides to leave the UK, a breakdown in communication can be a reoccurring theme. With the excitement and anticipation of setting sail for the warmer tropics, it can be easy to forget to notify your bank, pension provider or building society about your change in situation.

Once you’ve begun to establish your new life in your new home, financial providers will find it extremely difficult to contact you. It’s also very expensive for them to trace individuals, which means your accounts will become inactive and dormant. Subsequently, this will lead to your unclaimed money becoming trapped within these accounts.

Why a Money Claim Shouldn't Sleep

Expatriate pensioners are thought to be missing out on as much as £850 million in lost pension benefits. This is simply because UK pension scheme trustees have been unable to trace them since they moved abroad. Amounts owed in benefits range from £2,000 to £30,000 a year.

Fortunately, Monimine can offer you a fantastic solution. If you think that you left money behind when you packed up and moved from the UK, we can help. By subscribing to Monimine, we can cross-check your details with our data and if a match occurs, we can help you claim your cash! To save you the headache of calling all of your financial providers, our digital service will trace all of your assets from one location.

Start your search today >>>

Josh Cousens – Monimine.

Five Unlikely Places You Can Find Unclaimed Money

Five Unlikely Places You Can Find Unclaimed Money

5 Unlikely Places To Find Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money can often manifest itself in unexpected forms, which has given people the impression of ‘shape shifting.’ Lost money can hide in the dark corners and hidden crevices of your financial accounts. So, knowing the right places to dig is key to discovering where the lost assets are buried.

Discovering unclaimed money can be referred to a ‘blessing in disguise,’ but it’s important to focus on the positives. The morale of the story is that you have been reconnected with the missing money that is rightfully yours.

We have outlined five hiding spots where lost money could be concealed in your personal finances:

Premium Bonds

It’s a common misconception that premium bonds hold only small amounts, with little returns. Unclaimed pension bond prizes occupy around £44 million in the UK. The largest unclaimed prize to date is £25,000, which dates back to a draw in 1991.

Premium bond prize winners are generally notified by letter or a personal visit – both of which require a current address. Understandably, many prizes are unclaimed due to the age-old problem of recipients changing address and failing to notify NS&I.

Amongst the chaos of moving house, the tiny detail of formally changing address can be easy to slip your mind. Remembering to stay on top of this is the easiest way of preventing money slipping through the cracks of your accounts.

Bank and Building Society Accounts

A predicted £400 million has been lost in bank and building society accounts. This equates to one of the largest sources of lost assets on this list. This hefty sum is made up of funds which are held in over 500 banks, over a 100 year period.

Bank accounts can become unclaimed for an array of reasons. The most common is the account holder forgetting its existence and leaving the account dormant for months, even years.

Another factor is when account holders pass away without writing a will. This makes it extremely challenging for anybody entitled to inherit their share from the account. This is because there is no proof that the money belongs to them. This can occur if you’ve been left money by a partner, close family member or distant relative.

Similarly to bank accounts, one of the biggest obstacles banks face is the failure of account holders to notify them of a change in address. If the bank cannot contact you about your account, they categorize you as a missing, or ‘gone away’ customer.

Savings and Investment Accounts

Hundreds of millions of pounds of lost assets are trapped within dormant savings accounts in NS&I alone. The highest amount of NS&I‘s unclaimed funds are held in investment accounts and fixed interest savings accounts – adding up to over £600 million.

If you include international banks, this figure rises into the billions.

The explanation behind savings and investment accounts going ‘missing’ are very comparable to bank accounts. However, for the financial companies holding savings accounts, there are additional problems.

Each bank or financial company offers a huge variety of different savings accounts, sometimes leading into the hundreds. Understandably, they can make it even harder for the financial company to track which pot of unclaimed money belongs where, and to whom.

Stocks and Shares

Statistics indicate that there is at least £12 billion in shares from privatised companies, which has never been claimed. This figure also includes any dividends (annual sums) that the company was due to pay the shareholder from its profits.

The old system of share certificates, rather than holding shares through nominees like nowadays, meant that shareholders simply ‘disappeared’ if they moved and forgot to give their forwarding address.

In the present day, this has left thousands of people out of touch with their shares in companies. Whether your share was in a large corporation or a small start-up, you still possess the same right to be reunited with the shares that are owed to you.

Life Insurance and Pensions

At an estimated £400 million, unclaimed life insurance and pensions account for one of the largest portions of unclaimed money in the UK.

Although there is no exact figure, there could be as many as 5.5 million pension records that hold uncollected money. These uncollected pensions can be traced to financial companies of all sizes.

Just like other types of financial accounts, forgetting to notify of a new address is a huge problem. Forgetfulness can play a massive role in individuals becoming unattached from their pensions. A common trait of getting older can often be losing your memory, and in this complex and difficult process, many pensioners can forget to claim pension money which is owed to them.

Something which has further exacerbated the problem of unclaimed pensions is the popularisation of company pension schemes. Research by Equiniti has suggested that the average person will have at least six jobs in their lifetime.

When a person leaves one job for another, it can be especially easy to forget you are owed money from an old company pension pot, particularly if you are not yet at a pension age.

Keeping on top of your pensions in your current and previous companies is crucial to ensure you’re on top of your ever-changing finances.


With a varied assemblage of possible sources, finding lost money can sometimes feel like an impossible game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ However, you are not alone and there are resources that you can use to help you in your search.

We stress the importance of informing your bank, building society or financial company if you change address.

Despite being a seemingly negative situation, it is encouraging to know that something so easy could ensure you will never lose touch with your money again.

Josh Cousens – Monimine.

We Have No Hidden Agenda, We Just Want To Help Find Your Unclaimed Money

We Have No Hidden Agenda, We Just Want To Help Find Your Unclaimed Money

We want to find unclaimed money

The Monimine business has not been engineered as a scam. It was not designed to resemble the hard sell of a mis-sold PPI policy. Nor was it intended to remind people of a tedious television advert. Much like the overseas relative who has promised a small fortune in return for your bank details. Monimine is the product which will reunite you with any unclaimed money that lawfully belongs to you for FREE.

Monimine is 100% financially free to the consumer. Our financial backing comes from banks, building societies, life and pension companies, asset managers and others (collectively the Financial Services Industry ‘FSI’). We also give you our word that no data will be sold to an external party.

Our 21st century asset reunification technology will provide you with the greatest chance of being united with any gone away accounts that belong to you.

We also want to make you aware that all cases will be treated the same, no matter how big or small the sum owed is. Monimine are a trusted brand, and our current users already share the confidence in our mission to connect people with unclaimed money.

You can even withdraw from the service at any point, for no cost, if you choose to.

Our ultimate end goal is to completely solve the global issue of dormant accounts and reunite any unclaimed money with the people it rightfully belongs to. We understand that this will not happen overnight, but you can help to make a difference. By registering your details for free with Monimine, your information could be the missing link between matching a third party with their unclaimed asset. More to the point, it could connect YOU with your lost funds.

Start your search today at

Josh Cousens – Monimine.