Are you the beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

Are you the beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

In 2011, millions of pounds from 20,000 unclaimed estates was eligible to be collected by the rightful heirs. But, how do you know if you are a beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

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In one year, £21 million was paid out to a range of happy heirs. These beneficiaries were completely unaware that they were in for a windfall. However, once they discovered that they had money owed to them, they were able to claim and spend it as they wished.

Why is there so much money unclaimed from financial estates?

Families are geographically scattering, both nationally and internationally. The dispersed whereabouts of a family often means that individuals are passing away, without any close family to pass on their unclaimed financial assets to.


A spinster from Newcastle has left a financial sum to her nephew from Newquay, but has never met, or spoken to him. She has no children of her own, and unfortunately her parents and brothers are deceased  (including the nephew’s father.) As her only remaining family relation, she has decided to leave her financial assets to her nephew.

The lady from Newcastle subsequently passes away. But does not notify her nephew about the assets she has left to him. The executor, or administrator will then process the estate, but if no one is able to contact the nephew in Newquay, the money can easily become unclaimed.

The unclaimed financial estate solution.

A large group of heirs are unfortunately falling into this trap, and don’t even know that it’s happening. We want to ensure that all beneficiaries are able to collect any unclaimed financial estates that are owed to them.

Monimine offer a cost-free asset searching solution. Our tool allows the public to search for any lost assets which are owed to them. If the data you input into the Monimine registration matches with the records we have attained from the financial institutions, we can reunite you with your money.

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