How to save money on this year’s summer holiday

How to save money on this year’s summer holiday

How to save money on summer holiday

This week may have had a shadow cast over it, by gloom, grey clouds and rain. But August is traditionally the nation’s favourite time of year to flock to the sunny continent on a summer holiday. Finances can be tight, and any extra spending money never goes a miss when the holiday is around the corner. So here are five ways to save money on this year’s summer trip:

  • Exchange Rate Investigation

The devaluation of the pound has made it especially important to research where you get your holiday money. Although the minor contrasts may not seem like much in smaller figures, those numbers will start to rack up when you take out enough money for the week. Spending five minutes online, looking at the most competitive rates will bulk out your wallet/purse for the week.

  • Hand Luggage

Depending on the duration of your stay, by sticking to hand luggage you can save yourself a fortune. Squeezing your summer wardrobe into your overhead bag will prevent you spending extra storing it downstairs. When only beachwear essentials are needed, you shouldn’t have any problems sticking under the limit.

  • Activity Analysis

There is nothing worse than arriving at the gates and discovering that’s is too pricey. Another bit of prior research will give you an inkling into the costings of how much the activities will set you back. You might even stumble across some deals or money off vouchers.

  • Picnics

Everybody loves to sample the delicacies of foreign cuisine, but eating out can become costly. Enjoying a picnic on the beach, by the pool or at your favourite hillside can cut back costs. It doesn’t stop you from savouring the regional titbits. Local markets will have an array of native options on offer. What’s more is that you will be able to save money, and you will be revelling in a stunning al-fresco spot.

  • Local Transport

Ferrying around the city in taxi’s all week can be overlooked – the overall cost will soon add up. Although public transport may not be as convenient, or luxurious, it’s a much more cost-effective way of getting about. Buses, trains, trams and the rest are all genuine ways of embracing local cultures and saving a few pennies whilst you’re at it.

So now you’re all set for your holiday, and have some tricks up your sleeve to save a few extra quid.

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Josh Cousens – Monimine.