Top-up your New Year finances with unclaimed money

Top-up your New Year finances with unclaimed money

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are not cheap. Parties, presents and 2017’s hangover will undoubtedly be weighty on your finances. I’m willing to guess that any ways of boosting your bank account will sound very appealing. Particularly if you don’t have to pay a penny. We have a solution – unclaimed money.

New Year unclaimed money

A quote taken from Helen Coulson in the Financial Times revealed that, “we seem to be talking about some billions, if not trillions, of pounds [of unclaimed assets] across the industry, but nobody really knows what the size of the problem is.”

This gigantic sum of unclaimed money has been lost in the financial system. This occurs when one of the financial service industry loses contact with their customers. If they cannot communicate with their clients, any cash within that particular financial account becomes trapped.

Are you thinking this could have never happened to you? It is a lot more common than you think. The predictions of £billions/£trillions of unclaimed money demonstrates that there has to be more than a few people who have lost money.

Something simple, such as moving house or changing surname can be the catalyst for lost funds. If you forget to notify your bank account or pension provider of your new address or name, and they subsequently lose the ability to contact you, cash can easily go missing.

The Solution.

Throughout the UK, we predict millions of unclaimed money pots are waiting to be claimed. Some may contain modest quantities, but some could enclose a fortune. Monimine’s website allows you to search for any lost assets, for FREE.  If your records match with the data of unclaimed funds from a financial institution, you will be united with the cash that is rightfully yours.

So what do you have to lose?

Start your search today, boost your New Year finances and discover your unclaimed money treasure.

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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