Have you found your lost money and hidden treasure?

Have you found your lost money and hidden treasure?

Hidden amidst the sea of lost money lies buried treasure, worth over £100 BILLION. It belongs to the public but is concealed in UK financial institutions, and it’s waiting to be unlocked. If you don’t know where to start digging, Monimine has a map and an X that marks the spot. Millions of UK citizens are unaware that they are owed unclaimed assets, but some of the treasure could be yours and it needs to be dug up.

Personal finances are vulnerable, and every so often they transform into lost money and become buried in the sea of unclaimed assets. It happens for an array of reasons, but the main causes tend to be unreported changes of address, ceases in activity on your account and inadequate record keeping. Without you knowing, it could be happening to you right now. So wouldn’t it be worth checking if you have missing funds owed to you?

The riches of lost money have been accumulating for decades and are constantly increasing. If you decide to search independently, you have a chance of hunting down your unclaimed wealth. But Monimine is available to all and won’t cost you a penny, even to the cheekiest of pirates.

The Monimine ship is an inventive, digital service. The registration asks consumers to submit basic information, including employment, address and family history. The more comprehensive the information submitted, the greater chances of tracing the missing cash.

* Monimine will not ask for financial information at any stage.

Monimine also guarantees that all data will be treated in strict confidence and will only be used for locating your lost money. The inputted details will then be cross-checked with the data Monimine have sourced from UK financial institutions, which contains lost money … and buried treasure. If a match occurs, the user will then be able to reconnect with their missing assets.

It’s as simple as that. So if you would like to discover how much treasure is owed to you, visit monimine.com today.

Josh Cousens | Monimine. 


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Join the UK’s FREE unclaimed money website

 Join the UK’s FREE unclaimed money website

According to the Unclaimed Asset Register (UAR), the total value of lost money in the UK is at least £15 billion. That total equates to around £230 for every single UK citizen. This cash is owed to the public and Monimine is the unclaimed money website which can find your assets, for FREE.

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Can you be 100% certain that you don’t have lost money owed to you? With £15 BILLION owed to members of the British public, wouldn’t you like to know for certain if any of it belonged to you? Especially if you could find out for free!

The beauty of Monimine’s unclaimed money website, is the luxury of submitting just one search. You won’t have to contact every financial institution individually and go through the lengthy processes with each one. By using Monimine, we will contact a wide array of institutions for you, meaning you only have to search once.

The Monimine business and development departments are constantly negotiating with financial institutions, to add to our already healthy list of partners. The popularity and success of Monimine means that the number of financial service providers using Monimine to trace their ‘gone away’ clients is continually growing.

How do I search?

Discovering if any unclaimed money is owed to you couldn’t be easier. Head to monimine.com and register for FREE. You will be asked to input some information about your family, employment and residency history. If the information you share matches with the data we have sourced from financial institutions, we will be able to reunite you with the cash you are owed.

Please note, you will not be asked to share any financial information with Monimine. Data security is one our biggest priorities and we want our users to feel secure when using the service.

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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Recovering lost money for a relative suffering from dementia

Recovering lost money for a relative suffering from dementia

Managing a relative, when they are enduring the hardships of dementia is not easy. They may struggle maintaining independence and require frequent help and assistance. Common symptoms include memory loss and forgetfulness, which can often result in lost money.

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Misplaced wallets, hidden purses and forgotten pin-codes are just some of the problems. Depending on the severity of their dementia, it could transpire that they have completely forgotten about entire financial accounts or policies from their past.

If no paperwork can be found for the accounts or policies, tracing the assets can become extremely difficult. Unless you already have an idea of where your relative may have held accounts, you will be fumbling in the dark.

By obtaining a power of attorney for your relative, you possess the ability to make decisions on their behalf. This will entitle you to search for any lost money that is owed to your relative.

If you are able to, we would recommend that you ensure a will has been written. If your family member’s dementia becomes serious, they may be unable to write their own will and distribute their estate as they would have wanted.

Monimine can help both you, and your relative from a great deal of stress and inconvenience. By submitting a search for free through Monimine, the records you input will be cross-checked with the lost money data we have sourced from financial institutions. If a match occurs, you will be reunited with the money which is owed.

This unique service prevents the hindrance of guessing where your relative may have held accounts, and the nuisance of having to contact them all individually to retrieve the assets.

If you would like to search for any unclaimed money which you think could be owed to you or your relative, please visit monimine.com.

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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