How Monimine Can Help You Find Your Missing Money

How Monimine Can Help You Find Your Missing Money

Millions of families could be entitled their own portion of the estimated £25 billion of missing money. This money has been caught in the web of financial institutions. Monimine has been engineered to help source the rightful owners to billions of unclaimed assets.

Monimine is a FREE data-matching service that plans to reunite families with lost assets from ‘gone away’ accounts.

In a nutshell, Monimine will provide the link between the rightful beneficiaries of missing money and the financial institutions.

The unclaimed money could come from an array of destinations. These may include life insurance policies, workplace pensions and rainy day savings. These may have even been set up by relatives who passed away a long time ago.

The innovative technique that has been utilised by Monimine is at the forefront of digital technology. It will serve as the best opportunity of connecting families with the data from financial firms. The technology, paired with Monimine’s unique expertise in the industry is an unbeatable combination.

Government figures predict that £25 billion is sitting within large financial institutions, but they have difficulty tracing the rightful ‘gone-away’ owners. This is because of complications such as name changes, moving address and unreliable record keeping.

Josh Cousens – Monimine.