Who Is Eligible To Find Unclaimed Monies?

Who Is Eligible To Find Unclaimed Monies?

Monimine was designed to help trace lost owners to unclaimed monies. The reported £25 billion of missing money is trapped within dormant accounts and is waiting for the rightful owners to claim what is theirs.

So ….. who can benefit from this service?

The answer is everyone. Monimine is a financially FREE tool, the only cost will be time expenditure – entering your details into Monimine’s innovative database, and then you can relax whilst we try and find you a match.

British expats could have more than a fighting chance of being matched with unclaimed monies. Their decision to live out their days in sunnier tropics may have resulted in a loss of contact with British relatives. The breakdown in communication could mean that there are unclaimed funds left undiscovered. Most probably completely unknown to the rightful beneficiary.

Data records can also fall through the net when individuals or families emigrate abroad, which makes the lives of the financial companies very difficult, when attempting to source relatives or lawful beneficiaries for lost assets.

A whopping 1.2 million British expats live in the European Union alone, signalling to the huge demographic who could be sitting on their own goldmine of assets. With only a short input of information standing in your way of a potential fortune, what have you got to lose?

Josh Cousens – Monimine.