Whilst the autumn leaves fall, it’s time to pick up your financial assets.

Whilst the autumn leaves fall, it’s time to pick up your financial assets.

pick up financial assets

The emergence of autumns auburns has signalled the drawing of a reluctant curtain on our summer season. You may have had a bit more sunshine spending than you anticipated this year. So what better time to explore your accounts and investigate whether you’re owed any outstanding financial assets?

According to the Unclaimed Assets Register, there is currently between £15 and £20 billion of unclaimed money in the UK! Through our own independent research, we actually think that this total could be even higher.

A major problem is that many people don’t even know that they have lost assets. Can you be 100% sure that you haven’t leaked money through a pension policy? Perhaps your parents, or grandparents may have left money behind and you don’t know about it. There could be a pile of cash left in a bank account that you set up when you were younger and forgot about.

The possibilities of how money can be lost is endless … and it can happen to anyone. 

The good news is that all hope is not lost. In fact, Monimine can provide you with great hope. If you fancy establishing whether you are owed any unclaimed financial assets, you can do so for free, using the Monimine tool.

You’re in safe hands. Monimine are nationally recognised leaders in unclaimed asset tracing and if there is a pot of money to find, you have come to the right place. Using innovative technology, traditional tracing methods and years of experience, we endeavour to leave no financial stone unturned.

Monimine won’t charge you a penny to register, and if your information matches with the data we have sourced from financial institutions, we can reunite you with your money … it’s as simple as that.

No costs, no effort ….. what is there to lose?

Search today at monimine.com.

Josh Cousens – Monimine. 

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Why British Expats Should Look For Unclaimed Money

Why British Expats Should Look For Unclaimed Money

Why British expats should look for unclaimed money

Are you one of the 5.5 million Brits who has decided to live out your days abroad? British expats account for almost one in 10 of the UK population. Although Australia, Spain and the United States are amongst the most popular, Brits can be found residing throughout the whole world. The far-spread reach of UK citizens means it can be extremely difficult for institutions to contact individuals regarding unclaimed money.

When a person or family decides to leave the UK, a breakdown in communication can be a reoccurring theme. With the excitement and anticipation of setting sail for the warmer tropics, it can be easy to forget to notify your bank, pension provider or building society about your change in situation.

Once you’ve begun to establish your new life in your new home, financial providers will find it extremely difficult to contact you. It’s also very expensive for them to trace individuals, which means your accounts will become inactive and dormant. Subsequently, this will lead to your unclaimed money becoming trapped within these accounts.

Why a Money Claim Shouldn't Sleep

Expatriate pensioners are thought to be missing out on as much as £850 million in lost pension benefits. This is simply because UK pension scheme trustees have been unable to trace them since they moved abroad. Amounts owed in benefits range from £2,000 to £30,000 a year.

Fortunately, Monimine can offer you a fantastic solution. If you think that you left money behind when you packed up and moved from the UK, we can help. By subscribing to Monimine, we can cross-check your details with our data and if a match occurs, we can help you claim your cash! To save you the headache of calling all of your financial providers, our digital service will trace all of your assets from one location.

Start your search today >>> www.monimine.com

Josh Cousens – Monimine.

Help Your Dad To Find Unclaimed Cash On Father’s Day

Help Your Dad To Find Unclaimed Cash On Father’s Day

Find unclaimed cash for Father's Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s a chance to say thank you to your old man. You might usually get him a few beers, cook him a meal or take him out, but what are you getting him this year? Well, we might just have the perfect solution … in the shape of unclaimed cash.

Your Dad could be unaware that he is owed a quantity of unclaimed money. Figures suggest that up to £25 BILLION of missing money is trapped within UK financial institutions. Imagine losing a couple of quid down the back of the sofa and forgetting about it. Well this is a similar scenario, only on a much bigger scale. It can be surprisingly easy to lose track of financial accounts.

I’m sure your Dad would appreciate it if you pointed him in the right direction. Monimine offer a cost free service, which allows the user to seek out any lost assets they’re entitled to. We have expertise and experience in the industry, backed by innovative technology which is a front runner in the asset tracing game.

Just imagine … you suggest to your Father that he should sign up to Monimine. He does, and he finds a match. Individuals can be matched with anything from £50, up to £500,000. I don’t know about you, but I think he would be pretty chuffed with that.

Your Dad may be a fan of traditional presents, but no one will turn their nose up at free money. Of course, you’re welcome to sign up to Monimine yourself and discover whether you have any lost assets of your own.

Head to Monimine today and fill in some basic family information to begin your journey. If you have been successful in matching with any lost assets, you will be the first to know.

Josh Cousens – Monimine.

Five Unlikely Places You Can Find Unclaimed Money

Five Unlikely Places You Can Find Unclaimed Money

5 Unlikely Places To Find Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money can often manifest itself in unexpected forms, which has given people the impression of ‘shape shifting.’ Lost money can hide in the dark corners and hidden crevices of your financial accounts. So, knowing the right places to dig is key to discovering where the lost assets are buried.

Discovering unclaimed money can be referred to a ‘blessing in disguise,’ but it’s important to focus on the positives. The morale of the story is that you have been reconnected with the missing money that is rightfully yours.

We have outlined five hiding spots where lost money could be concealed in your personal finances:

Premium Bonds

It’s a common misconception that premium bonds hold only small amounts, with little returns. Unclaimed pension bond prizes occupy around £44 million in the UK. The largest unclaimed prize to date is £25,000, which dates back to a draw in 1991.

Premium bond prize winners are generally notified by letter or a personal visit – both of which require a current address. Understandably, many prizes are unclaimed due to the age-old problem of recipients changing address and failing to notify NS&I.

Amongst the chaos of moving house, the tiny detail of formally changing address can be easy to slip your mind. Remembering to stay on top of this is the easiest way of preventing money slipping through the cracks of your accounts.

Bank and Building Society Accounts

A predicted £400 million has been lost in bank and building society accounts. This equates to one of the largest sources of lost assets on this list. This hefty sum is made up of funds which are held in over 500 banks, over a 100 year period.

Bank accounts can become unclaimed for an array of reasons. The most common is the account holder forgetting its existence and leaving the account dormant for months, even years.

Another factor is when account holders pass away without writing a will. This makes it extremely challenging for anybody entitled to inherit their share from the account. This is because there is no proof that the money belongs to them. This can occur if you’ve been left money by a partner, close family member or distant relative.

Similarly to bank accounts, one of the biggest obstacles banks face is the failure of account holders to notify them of a change in address. If the bank cannot contact you about your account, they categorize you as a missing, or ‘gone away’ customer.

Savings and Investment Accounts

Hundreds of millions of pounds of lost assets are trapped within dormant savings accounts in NS&I alone. The highest amount of NS&I‘s unclaimed funds are held in investment accounts and fixed interest savings accounts – adding up to over £600 million.

If you include international banks, this figure rises into the billions.

The explanation behind savings and investment accounts going ‘missing’ are very comparable to bank accounts. However, for the financial companies holding savings accounts, there are additional problems.

Each bank or financial company offers a huge variety of different savings accounts, sometimes leading into the hundreds. Understandably, they can make it even harder for the financial company to track which pot of unclaimed money belongs where, and to whom.

Stocks and Shares

Statistics indicate that there is at least £12 billion in shares from privatised companies, which has never been claimed. This figure also includes any dividends (annual sums) that the company was due to pay the shareholder from its profits.

The old system of share certificates, rather than holding shares through nominees like nowadays, meant that shareholders simply ‘disappeared’ if they moved and forgot to give their forwarding address.

In the present day, this has left thousands of people out of touch with their shares in companies. Whether your share was in a large corporation or a small start-up, you still possess the same right to be reunited with the shares that are owed to you.

Life Insurance and Pensions

At an estimated £400 million, unclaimed life insurance and pensions account for one of the largest portions of unclaimed money in the UK.

Although there is no exact figure, there could be as many as 5.5 million pension records that hold uncollected money. These uncollected pensions can be traced to financial companies of all sizes.

Just like other types of financial accounts, forgetting to notify of a new address is a huge problem. Forgetfulness can play a massive role in individuals becoming unattached from their pensions. A common trait of getting older can often be losing your memory, and in this complex and difficult process, many pensioners can forget to claim pension money which is owed to them.

Something which has further exacerbated the problem of unclaimed pensions is the popularisation of company pension schemes. Research by Equiniti has suggested that the average person will have at least six jobs in their lifetime.

When a person leaves one job for another, it can be especially easy to forget you are owed money from an old company pension pot, particularly if you are not yet at a pension age.

Keeping on top of your pensions in your current and previous companies is crucial to ensure you’re on top of your ever-changing finances.


With a varied assemblage of possible sources, finding lost money can sometimes feel like an impossible game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ However, you are not alone and there are resources that you can use to help you in your search.

We stress the importance of informing your bank, building society or financial company if you change address.

Despite being a seemingly negative situation, it is encouraging to know that something so easy could ensure you will never lose touch with your money again.

Josh Cousens – Monimine.