How to save money & frugally prepare for winter.

How to save money & frugally prepare for winter.

Winter traditionally indicates a hike in your energy bill and an increase in your monthly outgoings. Any novel ways to save money are always a bonus, and we’ve created 10 genius ways of cutting back on the winter costs;

save money during winter

Switching Energy Providers.

Shopping around for a better energy supplier is quick, easy, and it can save hundreds of pounds. If you’ve been paying by direct debit, your account may be in credit after the cheaper summer months. By switching now, you could gain the excess cash and benefit from the bonus of a better energy deal.

A ‘Winterproof’ House.

Investing in added insulation and ensuring draughts are to a minimum can save plenty of pennies. The house is expensive enough to heat, so make sure you don’t let the warmth escape easily. Windows, doors, the loft and cat flaps are amongst the prime suspects for bringing down the temperature.

Wrap Up Warm

Save money by making sure your winter wardrobe is well stocked before the cold sets in. It’s your father’s traditional advice, but to reduce paying peak heating prices, put another layer on.

Timing The Temperature 

Drop the thermostat during the night. By using a timer, you can set the heating to come on half an hour before you climb out of bed. This way, you save the costings of keeping the heating on throughout your bedtime. Experts also claim that wrapping up warm in the duvet in a cooler room helps sleep.

Energy Efficiency

Employing these energy efficient tactics can reduce your winter costs.

  1. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them on.
  2. Fill the washing machine – no half washes.
  3. Turn off the plugs at the sockets.
  4. Only boil as much water as necessary.
  5. Ensure no furniture is obscuring radiators or heating sources.
  6. Turn off the heating and shut the doors in any rooms which are unused.
  7. Leave oven and microwave doors open after use to utilise heat.

Long Life Lights

By using long life, energy saving lightbulbs, you will be saving yourself a fortune in the shorter and darker days.

Fire Starter 

If you’re lucky enough to have a fire or a log burner, make the most of it. Not only is a fire warm, cosy and bright, it’s free! If you live close to woodlands, you could even go out and collect your own firewood.

Declutter The Gutter

As soon as the autumn leaves have stopped falling, it’s a good idea to clean out the guttering. The last thing you want is an added bill. The leaves can freeze in January and bring the guttering down, under the frozen weight.

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