10 Methods Of Saving Money For The Whole Family

10 Methods Of Saving Money For The Whole Family

How to save money

The burden of living costs are a consistent headache, which inevitably become bigger when your family grows. It’s always handy to know extra ways of saving money for yourself and your household. So we’ve created a short list of 10 easy ways to save cash on your outgoings.

  • Shopping Smart

Sticking to a weekly grocery shop reduces any impulsive and unnecessary purchases. Getting everything you need in one shop will prevent the temptation of buying other treats. By meal planning, you will know exactly what you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner and won’t be swayed by the allure of a takeaway.

  • Diarising Sale Seasons

Knowing when sales are about to hit the shops is very convenient. The cheaper retail prices will allow you to fill up on items and fill your shelves until the following year. Different seasons generally tend to market sales for different items, so keep an eye out and mark them in your diary.

  • Stocking Piles

By having a reserve of items, you will undoubtedly be saving money. Stockpiling goods could be particularly worthwhile when you’re aware of the sale seasons. You will also save petrol on popping to the shop to get a full price replacement.

  • Energy Efficiency

Making minor alterations to your energy use can make major differences to your wallet. We previously spoke about a number of ingenious ways to recover money from your utility bill. See here for more info.

  • Second Hand Steals

The kids might be bugging you to buy them a new bike or a PlayStation, but you just don’t have the spare cash lying around. Buying second hand products is a lot more cost-effective, and nowadays, most things are as good as new.

  • Packing Lunch

The average worker spends £5 a day on their lunch. To put it in perspective, that’s £25 a week, £1,250 a year and an eye watering £47,500 throughout their career! Thinking ahead and taking the time to make a packed lunch will save you an absolute fortune.

  • Recycling Rewards

By recycling your old devices, you might even be able to generate a bit of extra income. Websites like Music Magpie will offer to buy your old phones, laptops, games, DVDs, CDs and any other odd things lying around the house. Although it won’t pay for your holiday to Dubai, every little helps.

  • Coupon Collecting

Coupons often appear throughout the year, and it’s well worth collecting them. With an array of discounted offers, you will be able to treat the family, but for a fraction of the cost.

  • Charity Shop Challenge

You might have a big night out right around the corner, but nothing to wear and no money to splash out? Have you ever thought to look in the charity shops? You could stumble across a hidden gem, which is certain to turn heads when you rock up at the party.

  • DIY Cleaners

A little birdy once told me a little trick to save extra pennies. By making your own cleaning products and detergents, they are cheaper than off the shelf, they don’t contain the same harsh chemicals and the finished product is just as sparkly clean.

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