Cash In On Your Money Claim With a Free Monimine Lottery Ticket

Cash In On Your Money Claim With a Free Monimine Lottery Ticket

Money claim through free lottery ticket

Do you spend time each week, thoughtfully scribbling over your six lucky numbers. Hoping to see them drop out of a tube on a Saturday night to change you life forever? The National Lottery has been a source of financial hope for countless households since its inception in 1994. Monimine will give you your own completely FREE lottery ticket. The overall pot weighs in at an estimated £25 billion – and with your money claim, you could win a portion of that sum.

This massive amount of unclaimed money is left sitting within financial institutions because of ‘gone away’ accounts. This is when the rightful owners to sums of money cannot be traced.  The reasons for not being able to find these parties can be address changes, deceased relatives or inadequate record keeping.

Monimine aims to solve this problem by matching the records of gone away accounts to your family details. This will help reduce the number of dormant accounts sitting within large financial companies. But will also reunite you with any lost money that you’re entitled to.

We are the ONLY business who is offering this service completely cost FREE to the consumer. Our subscription service is easy to use and we give you our guarantee that any information you share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. You can also withdraw your money claim at any point if you choose to.

Our experienced business development team is in advanced discussions with a number of reputable financial institutions. These include an array of asset managers, banks and life and pension businesses. These contracts will aid your chances of connecting with any unclaimed assets.


Josh Cousens – Monimine.

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