Meet the team | Andy Davies

Meet The Team | Andy Davies

Business Development & Accounts Handling 

Andy established proficiency and gained invaluable experience in business development during previous roles. His capacity to develop relationships and forge networks has ensured that Monimine is at the forefront for industry decision makers.

Andy has played a key role in the business evolution and will go above and beyond to ensure the Monimine mission of reuniting the public with their lost assets is achieved.

Outside of the office, he’s handy with the guitar and is occasionally labelled as the “poor mans Ed Sheeran.” Andy is a keen rugby player for Wymondham RFC and a huge fan of the great outdoors. He’s been known to go climbing, shooting, canoeing and cycling. But if you manage to catch him indoors, chances are he’ll be relaxing with a “brew” and watching David Attenborough.

Josh Cousens | Monimine. 


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