Finding international unclaimed assets at Monimine.

Finding international unclaimed assets at Monimine.

A few months ago, we received an interesting email. It was from a man who had been residing in South Africa. He had taken out a pension policy over 15 years ago with Norwich Life, which he had since lost connection with and had inherited unclaimed assets from.

finding international unclaimed assets

After unsuccessfully trying to contact his pension provider, he wrote to us, to see if we could help him locate his unclaimed assets. Although it wasn’t our usual field, we were more than happy to respond to Mr Cox and we promised to look into his case.

The pension policy which Mr Cox had held, was from a previous job and he had since forgotten about it. This example shows how easy it can be for money to become lost, and trapped within financial accounts.

Having investigated, Monimine founder, Bruce Cane was able to locate the business. He discovered that Norwich Life had since been sold to a consolidation company. Using thorough research techniques, we discovered where Mr Cox’s policy was now held.

We supplied the name of the business and contact details for the relevant department. Fortunately, Mr Cox was able to reconnect with his policy and was delighted to find a substantial £7,000 of unclaimed assets.

This case illustrates that with the right tools and knowledge, lost money can be recovered from closed businesses and dormant accounts. Even though the policy was situated outside of the UK, Monimine were still able to locate it and reconnect the holder with their money.

Mr Cox was elated with the service we had provided for him and wrote this kind testimonial about Monimine.

international unclaimed assets

You might have unclaimed assets too …

If you think you may have unclaimed assets owed to you, Monimine can help. Even if you are positive that you have never lost money, by searching for free through Monimine, you can be 100% sure.

We are leading experts in finding lost funds and leave no financial stone unturned. You greatly increase your chances of reconnecting with unclaimed assets by using Monimine.

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