Which Australian cities are UK expats moving to?

 Which Australian cities are UK expats moving to?

Unpolluted air, dependable weather and a reputable economy make Australia an enticing haven for British expatriates. Australia’s unspoiled scenery is complimented by it’s glowing reputation of being among the safest and most stable countries in the world. 1.27 million UK expats have already relocated Down Under and the numbers are still growing.

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Australia appeals to a range of nationalities and is blessed with a colourful, multicultural society. 43% of Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who originates from abroad. As an emigration hot-spot,  “Straya” has an ensemble of residential cities which frequently feature among the ‘world’s most liveable’. But which are the most popular for UK expats?

1. Melbourne

in 2017, Melbourne was named as the world’s most liveable city for the seventh consecutive year.

The glowing reputation is a direct effect of Melbourne’s emergence during the 1850’s. The exquisite Victorian architecture and green, public parks boost the city’s attraction.

Melbourne is widely recognised as the nations sporting capital and plays host to a number of international events, including the Australian Open and Australian Grand Prix. The capital of Victoria is also famed for being the cultural hub of Australia.

2. Sydney

Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge are the iconic snapshot of Australia, and the city has been drawing the expat crowds for decades. Often mistaken for the capital of Australia, Sydney is the nations largest city and is home to an eclectic array of  5 million residents. 

Having featured regularly in the worlds 10 most liveable cities, Sydney ranked 11th in 2017. The vibrant suburbs of Manly, Bondi and North Sydney all offer first-rate independent communities. Whilst Sydney’s beaches are globally recognised among the worlds best.

3. Adelaide

Adelaide is the hotbed for Australian wine and hosts an enchanting array of national parks and wildlife reserves. Anything worth visiting in Adelaide is within a half hours drive, earning it the label of the “30 minute city.”

In 2017, Adelaide tied with Calgary for the fifth placed finish in the worlds most liveable cities. Away from the rat-races of Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide offers a quieter and slower pace, with an alfresco lifestyle and cheaper cost of living.

4. Perth

Locally recognised as Australia’s “best kept secret,” Perth offers sanctuary away from the well-trodden east coast. Having ranked 7th in the worlds top 10 cities in 2017, the vivid Perth has had a steady migration growth from UK expats.

With a thriving economy, beautiful weather, low unemployment rates and affordable property prices, Perth ranks highly among it’s sister cities. The city is progressively modernising and its stock will inevitably continue to increase.

5. Brisbane

Often referred to as the “Sunshine State,” Queensland is the residential hub for working on your tan. With an average 283 days of sunshine a year, Brisbane proposes a sub-tropical climate, with intriguing rain-forests and world renowned beaches.

Brisbane is also a rapidly developing business core of Australia, meaning the number of job opportunities are increasing. The Commonwealth Games are currently being held at Gold Coast City, which is within close proximity of Brisbane.

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