5 Leading destinations for British expats to retire to

5 Leading destinations for British expats to retire to

Reaching retirement is a well-earned excuse to enjoy your latter years. Choices differ from one retiree to the next, but an increasing number of Brits are electing to pack their bags and live out their days in sunnier settings. A wide array of popular destinations appeal around the globe and we’ve listed five of the top locations for British expats to retire to.

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1. Australia

The Land Down Under is a prominent haven for British expats. Retiring heads have turned towards Australia, because of its slower pace of life, the abundance of space, factor 30 sunshine and an endless coastline.

With many similarities to British culture, expats appreciate the likeness to home – but with the added perks that Australia brings. A lauded quality life has been concocted through al-fresco eating, the outgoing persona of Australian people and its picture perfect landscapes.

They even drive on the same side of the road.

2. Spain

The siestas, sunshine and stress-free culture of Spain has been enticing Brits for decades. 310,000 British expats already live in Spain, making it the most prevalent European venue for UK citizens. The stunning coastal regions, between the Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca have proved particularly desirable.

The dream of living out your days as a sun-kissed beach resident is a reality in Spain. Affordable housing, outstanding climate and a carefree atmosphere all appeal to retiring crowds.

The inexpensive and short distanced flight from the UK also means family are only a few hours away.

3. Panama

Although sounding left-field, Panama has developed into one of the worlds leading retirement sanctuary’s. The low costs of Latin America, combined with an evolving infrastructure and a rustic charm, is tempting the retirement demographic to flock to Panama. 

The year long summer provides annual heat and a growing sense of modernity means all the retiring boxes are ticked. The country welcomes retirees with open arms and offers a range of options for foreign residency.

The juxtaposition of an urban metropolis and exquisite, rural scenery, including Pacific and Carribbean coastlines caters for all.

4. Portugal

Portugal is emerging from the shadow of Spain and gaining a reputation as the place to be in retirement. With sleepy villages and busy cities, Portugal offers a diversity of opportunities, each endorsed by an agreeable climate.

Portugal’s colourful coastline is bathed in history, whilst the bulk of retirees are often pulled by the magnetism of the impeccable Algarve region. Economical pricing and modern facilities, mixed with a primitive charisma is drawing retirees to the country.

Portugal is renowned for its safety and provides 3,300 hours of sunshine a year.

5. Thailand

From film-set beaches, to bustling markets and from tropical rain-forests, to culture filled cities – Thailand offers plenty for British expats. Thailand has become a gem of South-East Asia and it’s retirement community is flourishing.

People trying to escape the rat race of the UK are captivated by Thailand’s natural beauty, practical costs and its unique antiquity. The nation is pensioner friendly and a large part is fluent in English, especially in the South.

Spectacular temples, paradise islands and a host of vibrant festivals are all readily available.

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