How to save money & frugally prepare for winter.

How to save money & frugally prepare for winter.

Winter traditionally indicates a hike in your energy bill and an increase in your monthly outgoings. Any novel ways to save money are always a bonus, and we’ve created 10 genius ways of cutting back on the winter costs;

save money during winter

Switching Energy Providers.

Shopping around for a better energy supplier is quick, easy, and it can save hundreds of pounds. If you’ve been paying by direct debit, your account may be in credit after the cheaper summer months. By switching now, you could gain the excess cash and benefit from the bonus of a better energy deal.

A ‘Winterproof’ House.

Investing in added insulation and ensuring draughts are to a minimum can save plenty of pennies. The house is expensive enough to heat, so make sure you don’t let the warmth escape easily. Windows, doors, the loft and cat flaps are amongst the prime suspects for bringing down the temperature.

Wrap Up Warm

Save money by making sure your winter wardrobe is well stocked before the cold sets in. It’s your father’s traditional advice, but to reduce paying peak heating prices, put another layer on.

Timing The Temperature 

Drop the thermostat during the night. By using a timer, you can set the heating to come on half an hour before you climb out of bed. This way, you save the costings of keeping the heating on throughout your bedtime. Experts also claim that wrapping up warm in the duvet in a cooler room helps sleep.

Energy Efficiency

Employing these energy efficient tactics can reduce your winter costs.

  1. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them on.
  2. Fill the washing machine – no half washes.
  3. Turn off the plugs at the sockets.
  4. Only boil as much water as necessary.
  5. Ensure no furniture is obscuring radiators or heating sources.
  6. Turn off the heating and shut the doors in any rooms which are unused.
  7. Leave oven and microwave doors open after use to utilise heat.

Long Life Lights

By using long life, energy saving lightbulbs, you will be saving yourself a fortune in the shorter and darker days.

Fire Starter 

If you’re lucky enough to have a fire or a log burner, make the most of it. Not only is a fire warm, cosy and bright, it’s free! If you live close to woodlands, you could even go out and collect your own firewood.

Declutter The Gutter

As soon as the autumn leaves have stopped falling, it’s a good idea to clean out the guttering. The last thing you want is an added bill. The leaves can freeze in January and bring the guttering down, under the frozen weight.

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Finding international unclaimed assets at Monimine.

Finding international unclaimed assets at Monimine.

A few months ago, we received an interesting email. It was from a man who had been residing in South Africa. He had taken out a pension policy over 15 years ago with Norwich Life, which he had since lost connection with and had inherited unclaimed assets from.

finding international unclaimed assets

After unsuccessfully trying to contact his pension provider, he wrote to us, to see if we could help him locate his unclaimed assets. Although it wasn’t our usual field, we were more than happy to respond to Mr Cox and we promised to look into his case.

The pension policy which Mr Cox had held, was from a previous job and he had since forgotten about it. This example shows how easy it can be for money to become lost, and trapped within financial accounts.

Having investigated, Monimine founder, Bruce Cane was able to locate the business. He discovered that Norwich Life had since been sold to a consolidation company. Using thorough research techniques, we discovered where Mr Cox’s policy was now held.

We supplied the name of the business and contact details for the relevant department. Fortunately, Mr Cox was able to reconnect with his policy and was delighted to find a substantial £7,000 of unclaimed assets.

This case illustrates that with the right tools and knowledge, lost money can be recovered from closed businesses and dormant accounts. Even though the policy was situated outside of the UK, Monimine were still able to locate it and reconnect the holder with their money.

Mr Cox was elated with the service we had provided for him and wrote this kind testimonial about Monimine.

international unclaimed assets

You might have unclaimed assets too …

If you think you may have unclaimed assets owed to you, Monimine can help. Even if you are positive that you have never lost money, by searching for free through Monimine, you can be 100% sure.

We are leading experts in finding lost funds and leave no financial stone unturned. You greatly increase your chances of reconnecting with unclaimed assets by using Monimine.

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Are you the beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

Are you the beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

In 2011, millions of pounds from 20,000 unclaimed estates was eligible to be collected by the rightful heirs. But, how do you know if you are a beneficiary to an unclaimed financial estate?

heir to unclaimed financial estate

In one year, £21 million was paid out to a range of happy heirs. These beneficiaries were completely unaware that they were in for a windfall. However, once they discovered that they had money owed to them, they were able to claim and spend it as they wished.

Why is there so much money unclaimed from financial estates?

Families are geographically scattering, both nationally and internationally. The dispersed whereabouts of a family often means that individuals are passing away, without any close family to pass on their unclaimed financial assets to.


A spinster from Newcastle has left a financial sum to her nephew from Newquay, but has never met, or spoken to him. She has no children of her own, and unfortunately her parents and brothers are deceased  (including the nephew’s father.) As her only remaining family relation, she has decided to leave her financial assets to her nephew.

The lady from Newcastle subsequently passes away. But does not notify her nephew about the assets she has left to him. The executor, or administrator will then process the estate, but if no one is able to contact the nephew in Newquay, the money can easily become unclaimed.

The unclaimed financial estate solution.

A large group of heirs are unfortunately falling into this trap, and don’t even know that it’s happening. We want to ensure that all beneficiaries are able to collect any unclaimed financial estates that are owed to them.

Monimine offer a cost-free asset searching solution. Our tool allows the public to search for any lost assets which are owed to them. If the data you input into the Monimine registration matches with the records we have attained from the financial institutions, we can reunite you with your money.

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How you could find £39,000 in personal unclaimed assets.

How you could find £39,000 in personal unclaimed assets.

finding unclaimed assets

You’ve probably heard us repeatedly talking about unclaimed assets. But the fact remains that your money is still out there, and it’s waiting to be claimed. According to the Unclaimed Assets Register, the UK has between £15 and £20 BILLION of outstanding money. Some of this cash could belong to YOU and it needs to be collected.

You may think that you can’t have lost money through your personal financial accounts. But it’s easier than you think for unclaimed assets to become trapped within your accounts and policies. A male user from Money Saving Expert, was fortunate enough to discover £39,000 in an old pension policy.

Without even knowing it, you could be sitting on a large pile of your own lost assets. The windfall could relate to a family member, of which you are the beneficiary. Or it could stem from an old bank account which has been forgotten about, or within unclaimed premium bonds. The possibilities are endless.

But … just imagine unearthing your own exclusive financial treasure – for free.

This is where Monimine can help with unclaimed assets.

Monimine are a nationally recognised asset tracing tool. Successful liaising and negotiating with UK financial institutions has enabled Monimine access to a large database of records. This means that if you have unclaimed assets, we can find them.

Registering with Monimine is completely free of charge. All that you are required to do, is to input some personal information and a brief address history. This is so that we can identify your records and link you to your money. No financial information will be shared at any point.

If your information matches with the financial records we have in our database, we can reunite you with your cash.

It’s as simple as that.

There’s no catch, and there’s really nothing to lose.

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